Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Buy Nifty on dips: Nirmal Bang

According to Nirmal Bang's Morning Call, for intraday traders, buying is advisable on dips with a stop loss of (2580) and on the higher side 2745 will act as a strong resistance level.

Nirmal Bang's Morning Call:

Technically, if we study the five day pattern, nifty is forming “lower top lower bottom formation” which is indeed a negative sign. As the markets are continuously breaking their important support levels on the daily basis, it has become difficult to identify the support.

We are in a classical downtrend and our sense is that (2580-2500) region should act as a crucial support for nifty in Nov series. Every rally should be utilized to create new short and exit market.

For intraday traders, buying is advisable on dips with a stop loss of (2580) and on the higher side 2745 will act as a strong resistance level. A trade beyond this range with huge volumes may decide the trend for coming days.

Source: Moneycontrol

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