Monday, 2 November 2009

10 Companies that FIIs love

In First Place:

Name of company: Sybly Industries Limited
FII share in company: 74.18 %
Best known for: Manufacturing Polyester Yarn and Mercerised

In 2nd place:

Name of company: Indiabulls Real Estate
FII share in company: 67.43 %
Best known for: Real Estate

In 3rd place:

Name of company: H D F C
FII share in company: 59.85 %
Best known for: Private sector banking

In 4th place:

Name of company: Geodesic
FII share in company: 53.47 %
Best known for: Developing products in the information, communication and entertainment space.

In 5th place:

Name of company: Amtek Auto
FII share in company: 50.84 %
Best known for: Manufacturing automotive components

In 6th place:

Name of company: IVRCL Infrastructure
FII share in company: 48.04 %
Best known for: Infrastructure sectors like Water & Environment, Transportation, Buildings, and Power

In 7th place:

Name of company: Prajay Engineering
FII share in company: 42.55 %
Best known for: Real estate

In 8th place:

Name of company: Amtek India
FII share in company: 42.55 %

In 9th place:

Name of company: Jain Irrigation
FII share in company: 42.02 %
Best known for: Manufacturing irrigation systems

In 10th place:

Name of company: Logix Microsystems
FII share in company: 41.96 %
Best known for: Software Products Company

Source: Moneycontrol


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