Thursday, 20 November 2008

The year 2025: China and India continue to rise

A new US intelligence report predicts few countries will influence the world over the next two decades more than China.

The report by the National Intelligence Council said China is set by 2025 to have the world's second largest economy and be a leading military power; "it could also be the largest importer of natural resources and an even greater polluter than it is now."

The US analysts predict that China's economic growth "almost certainly will slow, or even recede, even with additional reforms to address mounting social pressures."

Analysts said that China's international standing is based partly on the world's treatment of Beijing as "the country of the future."

"If foreigners treat the country less deferentially, nationalistic Chinese could respond angrily," the report said.

In India, the report said, leaders will try to position their country as "a political and cultural bridge between a rising China and the United States."

Analysts said they expect India's "rapidly expanding middle class, youthful population, reduced reliance on agriculture and high domestic savings and investment rates to propel continued economic growth."

Source: EconomicTimes

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